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Global Partners serves more than 90 countries with 230 missionaries. The mission to exalt Jesus Christ by calling and mobilizing believers to global ministries of evangelism, church planting, leadership development and ministries of compassion is strong.

The Northeast District has a history of engagement with Global Partners through local church and individual support of missionaries and projects and through short-term mission teams on the fields.  Through the years folks from the Northeast District have also served as full-time missionaries.

Since the devastating earthquake in 2010 District engagement with Haiti has been especially significant since the District includes many who have immigrated from there and who still have many family members living there.





Rod and Nancy Zottarelli have been appointed as Global Partners missionaries serving as "Missionary Care and Development Coaches" (previously known as Pastors to Missionaries). Their area of responsibility includes North and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.  The Zottarelli’s are no stranger to the Northeast District, nor to overseas missions service. Their training and experiences have uniquely prepared them for this next phase of their lives.

In 1994, Rod and Nancy were assigned to serve in Indonesia with Mission Aviation Fellowship, and moved to Borneo with their children.  Rod flew in the Indonesian jungle supporting missionaries and the local church.  Upon their return to the states in 1999, Rod completed the requirements for his pastoral credentials and was ordained in 2001.  A few years later Rod completed a Masters in Marriage and Family therapy.  Nancy completed a certificate counseling program through AACC (American Association of Christian Counseling).  Through their experiences with missionaries in Haiti and Mexico, Rod and Nancy both developed a passion to use their counseling skills for the benefit of missionaries.

With their children "out of the nest", they have enthusiastically embraced this appointment and are excited about all that God has in store for them. They welcome the opportunity to share their story with you and invite you to join them on this journey


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You can join their team of prayer partners and financial supporters at the following link:  

Faith Promise


Please see the "Prior Haiti Ministries" section below for reports of prior trips.

The next trip to Haiti is being planned for June 2020.

Team meetings for the Haiti  trip have been scheduled (in 2020) for April 4, May 9, and June 6. All meetings are held at the Northeast District Office from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (6737 Cetronia Road, Allentown, PA  18106).

Financial support for the trip may be sent to:

Northeast District, 6737 Cetronia Road, Allentown, PA  18106 (identified as Haiti February 2020)

If you are interested in participating, please submit a completed “Team Member Information” form to Bob Strum (


A report of the January 2017 Uganda trip has been published in the Uganda January 2017 Report.


FALL 2015

A report of the Fall 2015 Haiti trip has been published in the Haiti October 2015 Report.


A report of the Spring 2015 Haiti trip has been published in the Haiti May-June 2015 Report.

FALL 2014

A report of the Fall 2014 Haiti trip has been published in the Haiti October 2014 Report.

FALL 2013

A team of 6 persons from 4 churches across the District spent 2 weeks in Haiti serving on the island of La Gonave.  Shortly after our arrival it quickly became obvious that our focus needed to be on getting the new Ministry Center ready for the celebration that would take place one week after our return home. For the last 2 ½ years work teams from North America and the UK joined with local laborers to erect a ministry center that would accommodate 44 overnight guests, provide food service for them and provide meeting space. (By comparison the old guest house could accommodate 18 overnight guests.)


The hospital dedication took place on September 28. It was attended by more than 200 dignitaries and guests. The new La Gonave Ministry Center provided overnight accommodation for 44 guests and served meals to 70 persons in the dining hall.

FALL 2012

A team of 11 folks from 6 churches across the District were in Haiti August 31 – September 14, 2012.  Because of your generous support more than $12,000 was raised for material and supplies, and the concrete walls of the Fontina church have been poured! In the weeks following, doors and windows were set in place and a concrete floor was poured.  Praise the Lord.  The pole barn structure for this church had been erected by a Penn-Jersey team in the summer of 2010.


Although the village of Fontina is only about 2 miles from our mission station in Anse-a-Galets on the island of La Gonave in Haiti, it takes about 2 hours to travel by truck because of the rough terrain.  In order to avoid a 4-hour round trip commute each day and thus maximize the hours available for working, the team “camped” on-site (with a weekend break at the mission station).  Water was carried from a well nearby; meals were prepared over wood charcoal fires; there was no cell phone or Internet service; the only electricity was provided by a generator.

FALL 2011

A team of 5 folks from 4 churches across the District were in Haiti October 13 – 27, 2011.  A property near the Wesleyan wharf on the mainland had recently become available.  Its location and facilities would ideally serve as a training facility for national pastors, a respite accommodation for missionary rest and rejuvenation, and a residence for a missionary family.  The structures had not been damaged by the earthquake, but they had been uninhabited for several years.  The team completed numerous repairs and improvements including upgraded wiring, repaired plumbing, custom built stairway railing, new screens, and painting.  The Ortlip Ministry Center, as it is called, has become a significant asset to the Wesleyan ministry in Haiti.


Four teams from churches across the District participated in rebuilding damaged or destroyed churches in Fontina, Babaco, Place L’or, and Cite Soleil.  One hundred tents were sent to the Carrefour Feuilles church in Port-au-Prince.